Transportation and Recycling Services

We help with your collection and delivery of small loads of up to 2000 kg

We have vehicle hire service .

We are currently developing a taxi booking system.

Transportation and Recycling



Tutoring and Training

We provide academic tutoring at all levels from small children to university level, including assisting in the production of assignments and projects.

The tutoring and  could be done at your premises (residential or business venue)  or online.

Individuals on a one-to-one basis or could be done in groups both online and in person.

Tutoring & Training



Property Service

We let properties on behalf of landlords / owners.

We find properties for prospective tenants .

We carry out all legal paperwork and ensure compliance

Property Service



Sales, Marketing Promotion and Web Services

We provide all forms of Sales and Marketing to companies of all sectors.

We produce advertisements on flyers and organise distribution in your chosen locality.

We also provide a website creation and development service.

Sales & Marketing Services



Secretarial and Administration Services

Telephone Answering Service

Handling email correspondence.

Creating Administrative and records systems

Administration & Secretarial Services



E-Commerce online shop and Classified Ads

Coming soon.

Classified ads and online shop


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